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The characteristics of Longxin laser pipe cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is mainly used in various hardware products, square tubes, round tubes, angle irons, metal profiles, stainless steel furniture, wheelchairs, automotive industry, petroleum machinery, wrought iron processing, zinc steel guardrails, agricultural tools, pig equipment and Used in the production of stainless steel decoration engineering and other hardware products. The laser cutting machine is specialized in cutting, opening, beveling, 45 degree of round, square, rectangular, flat, channel, U-tube and other heterogeneous pipes. Cutting, cutting, cutting, beveling, punching and other processing.

The laser cutting machine equipment independently developed by Longxin laser pipe cutting machine manufacturers has excellent system configuration, high processing efficiency, high precision and stable operation. The main features are fully penetrating CNC rotary table. The through hole of the tube is large and can cut 12-293mm pipe diameter. The two high-precision rotary tables are driven by double-drive synchronously. The pipe is not easy to be twisted and deformed during processing. It not only has high precision, but also can cut a variety of forming steel such as round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe and angle steel.

Longxin mechanical laser pipe cutting machine feeding system adopts multiple automatic sectional feeding mode, which is convenient and quick to feed, can reduce the period of after-sales maintenance, and can adapt to the harsh processing environment; the gas path system can simultaneously access three different auxiliary gases. And can be automatically converted. The high-pressure gas path design improves the cutting ability of difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel; the electromagnetic valve and proportional valve can realize automatic switching of oxygen, nitrogen and air, and the gas pressure can be adjusted steplessly within a certain range.

Laser cutting machine with high precision, low maintenance rate, high automation, and will be a good helper for pipe manufacturers.

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