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Do you know that the laser cutting machine enters the high school curriculum!

We know that the new course is focused on the development of students' creativity and technological inventions, using technology inventions that are closely related to life, encouraging children to actively create experiences, and learning to use 3D printers, laser cutting machines, soldering irons and other maker tools. The Ministry of Education has issued the "Standards for Courses in General Senior Secondary Schools and Languages (2017 Edition)". Laser cutting machines were included in the "17-1834 General High School General Technical Curriculum Standards" and "17-1847 General Senior Secondary Information Technology Curriculum Standards".

 After years of development, laser cutting machines have been widely used in industrial production, and have turned from high-end craftsmanship to standard equipment in many industries.

1, sheet metal processing

The advantages of high efficiency and high quality of laser cutting machine play a very good role in sheet metal processing, which makes sheet metal processing free from the original high cost, multi-manpower and inefficient processing methods.

2. Advertising industry

The advertising industry has a fast replacement rate, high customization rate and low efficiency in traditional processing. Laser cutting machines have gradually become the mainstream in the advertising industry. No matter what kind of words, they can be cut quickly.

3, pipe cutting

 The laser cutting machine has been used for pipe cutting for a certain period of time, but the previous laser cutting machine pays more attention to the cutting of the plate and the cutting of the pipe. With the development of the industry, it can process more laser cutting. The birth of the pipe machine also brings a new starting point for pipe cutting equipment.

In addition, laser cutting machines are widely used in rail transit, aerospace, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, chassis cabinets, fitness equipment and other industries. Longxin Laser's various laser cutting opportunities for tube cutting bring more practical benefits to your business!


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