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thin wall pipe metal saw machine

While cutting thin wall round pipe, we may come across following problems: (1) pipe are deformed after clamp; (2) cutting section is rough and has burr; (3) bundles cutting easy damage saw blade; (4) serious loss of saw blade.

In order to help customers to solve such problems, LX cutting machine combining with characteristics of traditional metal saw machine and continuous feeding characteristics of intelligent automatic cutting machine, developed a new thin pipe cnc automatic cutting machine / thin wall pipe metal saw machine. The new machine has following features:

thin wall pipe metal saw machine

1.     Principle: operation principle of thin pipe cnc automatic cutting machine / thin wall pipe metal saw machine is fixed cutter and high speed rotating pipe, adjustable rotating speed.

2.       Thin pipe cnc automatic cutting machine / thin wall pipe metal saw machine adopts servo feeding method, feed degree is accurate, stable and speed segment can be adjusted.

3.       Nylon clamp is used to avoid scratches on pipe surface, to avoid pipe deformed.

4.       Cutting section is smooth and burr-free, “shrinkinward. No need of chamfer process, save time and effort.

5.       Efficient, fast, 2 second/cut, daily output can reach 15,000, more than bundles cutting efficiency.

6.       Automatic continuous loading, extension of rack can be placed more pipes. One person can operate several machines same time.

7.       Low consumables, a cutter costs only 10 CNY, grinding can cut 1000 cuts at a time.

8.       No need to add water, environmental protection, workshop environment is good.

This thin wall pipe cnc automatic cutting machine_ thin wall pipe metal saw machine is designed for thin wall stainless steel tube cutting. It is the best choice for the thin wall pipe, such as pipe, hanger pipe, sanitary pipe and shoe rack pipe.

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