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Ultra-high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine

Ultra-high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine

People often say that time is money. In this age where everything is about efficiency, having an ultra-high-speed full-automatic pipe cutting machine is what many pipe processing manufacturers are dreaming about. Then, what is the ultra-high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine? ? Where can you find this ultra-high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine?

In fact, the so-called ultra-high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine does not simply mean that the cutting speed is fast, but through a smart numerical control system, reasonable matching of the steps of feeding, feeding and cutting saves the feeding and feeding. The cutting time makes the operation easier and the cutting speed is faster. This high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine is equipped with an automatic loading rack. When loading, only the entire bundle of materials to be cut is placed on the rack, the machine Automatic feeding and cutting will be performed according to the set cutting parameters. The material to be cut on a rack will automatically fall into the feeding chute. The system will automatically feed the material continuously, automatically identifying the tail of the material head and cutting it off. The entire cutting process consists of The intelligentization of the numerical control system is completed without any special operation!

Where is this intelligent high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine?

The high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine produced by Longxin Machinery has served all major companies that need to use pipe cutting and has received consistent praise from various companies! After a company in Chengdu purchased a high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine for more than one month, it felt that this automatic pipe cutting machine was particularly suitable for the needs of the mass production in their factories, and was easy to operate and cost-saving. 4 sets of such pipe cutters for business services! Maybe your colleagues are using this high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine, you do not seize the time to find out?

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