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What is "laser cannon" (reproduced)

Recently, China Southern Power Grid Guangdong Power Supply Bureau held a grid open day event. According to the staff, in the past, when kites, advertising banners, and plastic films were blown onto the high-voltage wires by the wind, they had to power off the lines and then manually climb the towers to clean them. It took a long time and had certain operational risks. . In order to make it easier to work, they developed their own "laser cannon", which is convenient and greatly improves the reliability of power supply.

The power supply staff revealed that "the laser wavelength can be selected, the 'laser cannon' uses a carbon dioxide laser, and the metal will reflect, so it will not harm the wire. But for non-metallic substances such as kites, advertising banners, plastic films, there is melting. The effect of cutting."

The "laser cannon" they are using now is an improved third-generation machine. The new generation of "laser cannons" fully considers the convenience of the operation. It adopts two options: the telescopic mechanical arm and the carbon fiber triangle bracket. It can be transported lightly and quickly in both convenient and flat terrain. And on-site assembly and disassembly. Although the shape is "short", the power is even stronger. The third-generation laser cannon has doubled its range from 50 meters to 100 meters, and the machine can be operated by hand-held remote control, which is more intelligent.

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