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Why choose a laser tube cutting machine

Why choose a laser tube cutting machine, many will find some inexplicable problems. The laser is expensive and powerful. Of course, I want to choose, but I have no choice but to over budget. If it is not a price issue, many people will consider the laser pipe cutting machine.


1: Firstly, the laser slit is small, saving a lot of material waste.

2: High precision, punching angle, etc. Many customers take time and effort because they need to punch holes for secondary processing. It takes a lot of manual burrs to be emptied, the angle is cut, and the angle is formed once. 3: The speed is fast, the laser speed is several times that of the ordinary pipe cutting machine. 4: There is no need to add water to cut, no need to grind the saw blade. In fact, the initial investment is larger. After comprehensive comparison, the laser cutting machine is more cost-effective. If a machine can save a lot of labor. Electricity and so on. Your equipment is worth considering. If there is a device that is lower than the price of more than half of the big brands in the market, it is a surprise. The machine with more than 1 million machines in the market can't be loaded automatically. The tailings are very wasteful and need to be cut manually. It can be said that it takes time and effort. Still looking at the price. Why do you recommend the laser cutting machine to choose today? Because there is a laser cutting machine for the subversive design that you bought, he automatically cuts the automatic one. Only a few centimeters left in the tailings, that is, you can punch holes or cut the angle, the price is only half of the people! Why don't you choose Longxin Laser for this reason?

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